Friday, January 27, 2006

p2pnet article: "Help Zi Against the RIAA"

Great article by Jon Newton in P2PNet :

Help Zi against the RIAA

" p2p news / p2pnet: The members of the Big Four Organized Music cartel spare no expense in their bitter war against the 'consumers' whom, they claim, are thieves and criminals who "illegally" download music without paying for it.

"This isn't, however, a criminal matter, efforts by the cartel's RIAA to elevate it to that level notwithstanding. It's a civil one. And what's at issue isn't if someone's broken a law – it's whether or not he or she has infringed a copyright, which is a very long way from "criminal" or "illegal".

"But this time the Big Four aren't merely beating up on defenceless men, women and children who have no hope of matching their bottomless legal and financial resources.

"Now the labels have You and the World Wide Web to contend with.

"John Doe Number 8 – one of the cartel's more than 17,000 victims – wants a court to throw out an RIAA ex parte discovery order filed in Atlantic Recording v Does 1-25. But the RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America) Jonathan Whitehead claims the metadata in John Doe Number 8's shared files folder shows illegal copying took place.

"JDN 8's lawyer, Ray Beckerman, recently asked Zi Mei to check this out in detail.

"Zi, submitted an affidavit and now he's asking you to give him a hand."

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