Friday, February 08, 2008

"Recording Industry vs. The People" passes 2 million visitor milestone

Recording Industry vs The People:

Thank you all. Today we passed the 2 million visitor mark.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Alter_Fritz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alter_Fritz said...

no evidence presented means it did not happen!

and yes a screenshot would do in this case.
(technology illiterate, lazy Judges that accept one from MS as "evidence" seems to have a contagious effect on me)
;-) if it wasn't so sad that it is unfortunately true! So it is :-(

Ray Beckerman said...

Strange, it was visible on my browsers.

Alter_Fritz said...

that's because you are the owner and have the appropriate cookies/credentials to view the infos.

(guys like me can not view the infos for a long time now. It asks for log in details to view them.)

Remember how long ago I "warned" you about the military visiting your blog. Sometime after that, the viewing pleasure was gone :-(

Ray Beckerman said...

Sorry, alter_fritz. According to my Site Meter account, it's supposed to be a visible meter. Can you see it in sidebar down near bottom? As of this moment it says 2,003,464 visitors.

Alter_Fritz said...

Mea Culpa,
it is visible indeed, among with ads, guys in suits and other stuff in MS Internet Exploder +

So it was just my fault for using a browser that protects my eyes better ;-)


Ray Beckerman said...

kein problem