Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Interview: Twitter Millionaire Zoe Keating @ZoeCello on the Value of True Fan Connections

Great article in Music Think Tank on the 'business model' of famed cellist Zoe Keating:

What unsigned artist wouldn’t kill to have 1.4 million Twitter followers?

As the old channels die out, social media is where music fans are gathering. Yet musical artists who aren’t celebrities have little choice but to grow their online fanbases much in the same way that they build audiences on tour: by working hard, being there and showing individual fans that they value their support on a personal level.

The story is no different for Zoe Keating. The classically trained, experimental cellist even has it a bit tougher, given her chosen medium: one-woman instrumental composition with cello and computerized loops.

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Anonymous said...

Another cellist who knew how to find and connect with her fans using more traditional technology was the late Charlotte Moorman, better known as the "topless cellist".