Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First Annual Peer-to-Peer Litigation Summit

First Annual Peer-to-Peer Litigation Summit

When: November 3, 2005

Where: Northwestern University Law School, Chicago, IL

In September 2003, members of the Recording Association of America filed the
first wave of lawsuits against individual  peer-to-peer (P2P) file
sharers. Two years and 14,000 lawsuits later, both P2P file-sharing and
file-sharing litigation continue unabated, and members of the Motion Picture
Association of America (MPAA) are now suing individual Internet users as
well. It's time to step back and consider where this litigation has been,
where it's going, and whether there is a better way.

This one-day conference brings together public and private defense
attorneys, clients, investigators, advocates and academics to discuss the
latest developments in peer-to-peer litigation. How do the RIAA and MPAA go
about identifying plaintiffs? What are the most effective legal strategies
and tactics? Is it better to settle immediately, or fight it out in the
courts? How is this impacting the individuals sued? What is the role of ISPs
in this quagmire? Should Congress step in and, if so, what legislation is
needed? Are there other ways to compensate authors for their
works? Panelists will address these topics and more. Audience members will
be strongly encouraged to share their experiences as well.

Cost: $150

For more information and to register for this conference, please go to

Sponsors: Privacy Resolutions, P.C. and Electronic Frontier Foundation


Anonymous said...

RIAA is nothing but a "schoolyard bully" taking the milk money from those that are afraid to fight back. The solution is very simple, boycott anything and anyone having anything to do with RIAA. Hit 'em in the pocketbook, starve 'em. If and when we do that, they will stop this insanity. Then maybe we can get back to enjoying the music once again.

Anonymous said...

This looks great. Wish I could make it. These issues are at the forefront for all of us who care about our rights. Great event. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to contribute $20 to a legal defense fund for victims of the MPAA/RIAA. Can anyone suggest a reputable organization to donate to?
This conference sure seems like a good start.

Anonymous said...

Immediately after I posted the above comment, my router began receiving (and discarding) hundreds of packets per second from emule p2p clients (port 4672). WTF? I don't even have emule or any other p2p application installed! The packet storm has continued now for over half an hour. Am I being set up? Aargh! (Putting on my tinfoil hat.)

Anonymous said...

I believe you can make any donations at

Anonymous said...

SONY BMG makes tape recorders, VCRs, CD and DVD burners. They provide thieves with the means to steal copyrighted materials. Corrupt RIAA lawyers go after kids for downloading music. Whrn do artists sue both Columbia Records and Cilumbia Pictures for undercutting the sale of both CDs and DVDs?

raybeckerman said...

I know the depth of hatred for the RIAA, but please refrain from profanity in your comments.

Anonymous said...

help being sued by the MPAA in california i need legal assistance please contact me at

raybeckerman said...

Dear "anonymous" at

Please check the Electronic Frontier Foundation's listing of California lawyers.

If that doesn't work email me at and I'll try to help you find an attorney in your area.

Brian said...

"I'd like to contribute $20 to a legal defense fund for victims of the MPAA/RIAA. Can anyone suggest a reputable organization to donate to?"

- The Downhill Battle Peer-to-Peer Legal Defense Fund (
- The Electronic Frontier Foundation (

Anonymous said...

Im being sued by the MPAA and wish to fight this i have found a lawyer but need help with legal costs all support and advice greatly appreciated please see my web page

bully wants my money said...

Hello, I am also being sued and I am lost. I visited a lawyer today and he said this was crazy and he did not think they could win. I need advice or help from others who have already been going through this. My email is Any help would be great.

ratzass5 said...

i am a victem if the RIAA's attack on the American family.I was offered a settlement deal for me to pay the 4500.00 and the lawsuit would go away. I could not pay so a few months later, I received a copy of a default judgement against me stating that I had failed to plead or otherwise defend the action against me.It does not even say how much I now owe them. If $4500'00 is what most attorney's fees would be to even start a defense , it is probably the same amount they will collect for themselves. What does that leave for the artists they are supposedly filing these actions on behalf of. I would like to challenge the RIAA to supply a record of dispersements to artists vs a record of fees collected for thr thugs at RIAA.Then manbe the American public will see who is really ripping off recording artists.How much money did they collect for New York Doll bassist, Arthur "Killer" Kane before the died penniless, in 2004. Or the hunderds of other artists that the recording industry has chewed up and spit out