Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hearing Held January 5th in RIAA case against 14-year old: Priority Records v. Brittany Chan

In the RIAA's Port Huron, Michigan, case against 14-year old Brittany Chan (see RIAA Deliberately sues 14-year old), the Court conducted a hearing on Thursday, January 5, 2006, in order to determine the RIAA's motion for appointment of a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of the defendant.

Notice of Hearing
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The hearing took place at the federal courthouse in Port Huron, Michigan.

Only the attorneys spoke; no testimony of witnesses was elicited.

The hearing dealt with such questions as
(a) if a guardian ad litem were to be appointed, who would pay his or her fees?
(b) who will pay the fees of the guardian's attorney?
(c) was it a violation of the court rules for the RIAA lawyer to use the minor's name in the caption?

The judge took the case under submission, and will issue a written decision in due course.

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Christopher said...

I have to agree that they are getting to be pathetic, going after people who are sharing content for no money, or who don't HAVE any money to begin with.
Really, they don't even have a case, since the girl can just declare that she doesn't have the means to pay these outrageous demands, and the RIAA CANNOT force her parents to pay for her, because the parents are not responsible for a child's criminal actions that they didn't know about at the time the child was doing them!
Get a life, RIAA. Drop the case, and save yourself and this poor girl the wasted time.
Even if you get a judgement against her, you will NEVER see any money from her.

Ray Beckerman said...

It's a public hearing.

I hope people show up.