Monday, March 06, 2006

Mystery Solved. RIAA Says Dismissal as to John Doe #8 was Inadvertent; Failure to send John Doe's lawyers a copy of letter also inadvertent

Well it appears that the mystery has been solved in Atlantic v. Does 1-25.

The RIAA's lawyers wrote to the Court on March 3rd indicating that the earlier dismissal as to John Doe #8 was a mistake, and requested an order vacating the dismissal.

They also say that they thought they had sent a copy of the letter, requesting the order, to us (John Doe's lawyers), and apologized for having failed to do so.

The RIAA's lawyers also stated that they have received no information from the ISP about John Doe #8, and that the stay has not been violated.

So now the case is back on, and we are awaiting a decision from Judge Swain.

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David Fedoruk said...

Are there no penalties for such an outrageous oversight? How will this sit with the presiding judge?

If I were him, I'd be asking serious questions about the competancy of this law team as well as their disregard for opposing council.

What do we know about this judge?

I know this isn't a real comment but this how incident just raises more and more questions about a questionalbe case. This reminds me of SCO vs. IBM lately in their attempt to server subpeona's in less than legal manner.


Ray Beckerman said...

It's a she, Judge Laura Taylor Swain.

If I were she, I would be livid.