Friday, April 28, 2006

Texas Dismissal Motion Fully Briefed in Arista v. Greubel

The fur continues to fly in Dallas, Texas, in Arista v. Greubel, the case in which the Nettwerk record label has decided to back the defendant.

The RIAA has served its opposition papers, and Mr. Greubel his reply papers. So now the motion is fully briefed. We have no word yet on whether there will be an oral argument, and if so, when.

Motion to Dismiss Complaint*
RIAA Opposition Memo*
Greubel Reply Memo*

* Published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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StephenH said...

The RIAA Opposition Memo links to Gruebel Reply. Can you fix it?

raybeckerman said...


Thanks a million for bringing it to my attention.

I'm correcting it now.

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raybeckerman said...

OK the link's corrected.

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