Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flowerburger Records Launches Online Petition Against RIAA Lawsuits

An online petition drive against the RIAA litigation campaign has been launched by Flowerburger Records.

Their press release:

The managers of Avril Lavigne, The Streets and Elbow are amongst those who have signed an online petition opposing the British music industry for suing fans who use p2p (peer-to-peer) networks.

Launched by the record label Flowerburger Records, the petition invites people to show their distaste for the ongoing policy of the British record industry’s trade association, the BPI, of threatening fans with legal action unless they pay sizeable fines.

“Flowerburger’s petition reflects the opinion of a growing number of people in the industry, including its artists, who cannot stomach what is being done to fans in their name,” says Terry McBride of Nettwerk Music Group, who manages Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan and Sum 41. Terry is a vocal opponent of the American record industry’s trade association, the RIAA, arguing against their policy of suing music fans at his website www.savethemusicfan.com

Flowerburger Records was founded by long-standing music industry accountant Chris Thomas.

“We believe that musicians have to be paid for their work, but we don’t think that suing fans or the parents of kids on £5 a week pocket money is the answer,” says Chris. “We are supposed to be a creative industry, so we should be exploring ways to earn money for our artists from p2p, not using the destructive force of litigation.”
To sign their petition go here.

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