Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Complaint Filed Against Two of Patti Santangelo's Children

We have confirmed press reports that suit was filed by the RIAA against two of Patti Santangelo's children, one of whom is a minor:

Complaint Exhibit A*
Complaint Notation that Exhibit B has not been filed electronically*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

The defendants are represented by Jordan Glass of Valhalla, New York.

We will be referring to the case as "Elektra v. Santangelo II".

Additional coverage, commentary, and discussion:

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The Journal News (Timothy O'Connor) (questioning whether RIAA leaked the story to the press before filing any lawsuit)
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Alter_Fritz said...

yeah, thats what germans (BMG) and their japanese brothers in spirit (Sony) are well known for!
~65 years ago those brothers in spirit -when they were fashist brothers in spirit- at least the german part was "famous" for this thing called Sippenhaft(ung).

thank god at least some traditions from good old europe are allive and kicking at least in the united states!

for the sake of this comment lets assume what the german japanese plaintiffs thrue their helping lawyers claim in this filed court document is true as following:
the neighbour boy told them that he and the 13or14(?) years at time of alledged infringement old Santangelo boy did download together the filesharing programm and music.

So why the hell are this Plaintiffs still go after the mother!!?
NOW the Plaintiffs themself claim they have the wittness account that it was the wittness and the minor Santangelo Kid that downlaoded and not Patty the defendant!

Still going after the mothers/fathers/sons/daughters/uncles/nephews ect. that did not do the alledged infringements is a historicly typical reaction for those kind of fashistic terror organisations in history.
History repeats itself!

Me now just speculating from his lastname; Must'nt RIAA-Richard1 feel specialy ashamed that one guy with his roots now work for german-japanese guys that resort to "Sippenhaft" in their unslakable Greed?

I guess they pay their Kapo Gabriel very well!

When comes the time that you american brave ordinary working men and women stand up against those big greedy forign corporations that do NOTHING then exploiting you (and the artists in case where corporation is organized music)

Brave american men freed europe and the pacific from the evil and today you their descendants still allow the evil german japanese (and french and britain as former allies that now betrayed you) offspring to rule you and your courtsystems with this cases where it is clear that those that are the original defendants are not resonsible for any copyrightinfringement!
P.S: using the organized press for their goals was originaly used by Joseph Goebbels. Now think about it; why does organized music resort in our days to this kind of tactics to bring cases FIRST to the mass media associated press and then to the courts.

Honest blogges are only reporting afterwards and don't use organized media for propaganda!

Alter_Fritz said...

Important disclaimer specially for some stupid german DA's:
my prior comment contains: rhetorical and cynical and ironical and sarcastical and last but not least parts that were ment as written.
Now use brain better then in the case of Mr. Holger Voss!

eclectica said...

The "artists" named in exhibit A ought to be distancing themselves from this bad publicity in which their name is used to harass, exploit, and legally molest children. They ought to be launching a publicity campaign "NOT IN OUR NAME" to criticize the RIAA lawsuits. I will take their silence on the issue to indicate their approval of and complicity in such harassment of these children. Here is the list of the "artists" whose work and name is being used in this harassment campaign:

Counting Crows
Destiny's Child
Dixie Chicks
Foo Fighters
Good Charlotte
Guns N Roses
Janet Jackson
Jessica Simpson
K-Ci & Jojo
Mariah Carey
Men At Work
Michael Jackson
New Found Glory
Pearl Jam
The Offspring
Third Eye Blind
Tracy Chapman