Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Warner Music CEO Admits His Kids Stole Music

Wired Blogs reports:

Warner Music CEO Admits His Kids "Stole" Music, Didn't Get Sued

On the last day of the recent Reuters Media and Marketing Summit in New York, Warner Music Group CEO admitted that he was "fairly certain" that one or more of his seven children had downloaded music without the permission of the copyright owner, which Reuters referred to as stealing.

Despite the alleged infringers' proximity to the major label head and his direct awareness of it without the use of ISP subpoenas, somehow no lawsuits were deemed necessary...

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* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Anonymous said...

Here is clear evidence of downloading that the RIAA will want to jump on. The songs downloaded were not all of that of Warner so collection has to be made from the IP holder named Edgar Bronfman as with any other suit.
If they don't sue him, the RIAA can never submit another legitimate argument with seriousness. It becomes then a class issue of "we permit the IP holders of big corporations to download but not middle class people". It becomes an issue of selective enforcement to target only those who can not afford there day in court to prove innocence. He needs top sign a settlement agreement like the rest which will be confidental and take away his rights to file any complaint or ask that anyone be charged for ethics or criminal violations.
There is really a lot of mileage here and the issue of his being charged by the RIAA has to be pushed publically. He must face the same music all other face with the same zeal. Hitting home is the only way they will begin to understand the consiquences of there actions. He needs to be told that 20% of his income will be taken from him like any other person sued. It has to be as real as it is for any other victim of the RIAA who is sued.