Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Answer, Counterclaims, and Discovery Notices Served in Maverick v. Chowdhury

The defendant's answer, counterclaim, and discovery notices have been served in a new contested case in Brooklyn, Maverick v. Chowdhury.

Answer and Counterclaims*
Answer and Counterclaims, Exhibit A (Amicus Brief filed by ACLU, Public Citizen, EFF, AALL, and ACLU Foundation of Oklahoma in Capitol v. Foster)*
Defendant's Initial Disclosures*
Defendant's First Set of Interrogatories to Plaintiffs*
Defendant's First Request for Production of Documents and Things*
Defendant's Notice to Take Deposition of Maverick Recording Company*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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1 comment:

AMD FanBoi said...

The questions I'd also ask are:

What allows you to allege that the claimed infringement is continual and/or ongoing beyond the single file snapshot in time provided so far?

What is "irreparable" about any of the claimed conduct?

When you sued as ex parte John Doe in New York, did you have any reasonable belief, such as this ISP in question does not do business within the jurisdiction of that court, to believe that the Defendant was located hundreds, even thousands, of miles away from that court?

Also, how about that excellent, more recent EFF "dolphin" brief that the RIAA is trying to keep from being admitted in another case."

Glad to know you've got counter-claims in already, so that they can't just cut and run.