Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deadlines postponed in Arista v. LimeWire

The deadlines for conclusion of pretrial discovery and for the making of dispositive motions (i.e. motions for summary judgment) have been extended in Arista v. LimeWire. Under the new case management order, Summary judgment motions are scheduled to be fully briefed by March 18, 2008.

Case Management Order Entered June 18, 2007*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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AMD FanBoi said...

Will this even be relevant by the time it someday gets to trial?

raybeckerman said...

Of course it will be relevant. But I doubt it will get to trial.

1. From what I can see, the RIAA has no case against LimeWire. When it finally starts getting competent legal advice, it will want to look for a graceful exit strategy.

2. LimeWire, having expended a ton of money fighting these dimwits, will probably be glad to stop hemorhaging legal fees, too.

3. The people at LimeWire and the more intelligent people at the record companies have probably already figured out ways LimeWire and the record companies could be helping each other make money (instead of spending money), if they weren't locked in mortal combat.

So I'm predicting a settlement.

pepper said...

"1. From what I can see, the RIAA has no case against LimeWire."

What makes Limewire different from Kazaa, or even Napster from a legal standpoint?

raybeckerman said...

pepper, what are you talking about? kazaa was never adjudicated, it was settled....when have i ever said that the riaa had a good case against kazaa?

napster was a wildly different fact pattern....