Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) raises $1 million to finance album thru Kickstarter & Twitter

I would say the music business will never be the same after this.

Amanda Palmer, who has a lot of friends on Twitter, just raised over $1 million in backing for her album, directly from her fans, on a Kickstarter site, mostly through Twitter and other social media.

Her twitter account is @amandapalmer

Her Kickstarter page is here 

If you're over 18 or over, you can view this picture of Amanda celebrating

Congratulations, Amanda.

Congratulations, Kickstarter.

Congratulations to the music industry.

After this, who needs a big greedy record company?

All you need is a good twitter presence, and a lot of good fans.

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Anonymous said...

One might be forgiven for mistakenly thinking the lovely Ms. Palmer was slightly happy and mildly excited about this development. But seriously, $1 million solely through social media and the force of her talent? That's beyond amazing. I don't know if this will change the music industry forever or if this is but a new expression of changes that have already occurred, but either way, she's doing this her way and following no rules but her own, and doing it well. That's remarkable.

Andrew, Not a mouse

raybeckerman said...

Dear Anonymous Andrew

I think you're right that it's a "new expression of changes that have already occurred".... but aren't most revolutionary events? :)

I'm pretty sure that she's the first person to raise $1M with a Kickstarter page to mix-distribute-promote an album.

By raising a million, instead of let's say 60 thousand, she's taken away the record companies' main argument for why an artist needs to get 'signed' (and become an indentured servant)