Saturday, October 06, 2012

Online Media Daily: "ReDigi, Capitol Clash In Court About 'Used' Tracks"

From Online Media Daily:

ReDigi, Capitol Clash In Court About 'Used' Tracks
By Wendy Davis

ReDigi, a start-up that offers people a way to sell "used" iTunes tracks, asked a federal judge in New York to throw out a copyright lawsuit brought against it by Capitol Records. ReDigi lawyer Gary Adelman told U.S. District Court Judge Richard Sullivan at a Friday morning hearing that the company's technology enables consumers to resell digital tracks, the same way they can resell CDs or vinyl records. Adelman argued that consumers have a "first sale" right to resell products that they legally purchased. But Capitol countered that consumers aren't selling the same works that they purchased, but copies that they upload to the cloud. "First sale does not apply if there's been a reproduction," Capitol's lawyer, Jonathan Mandel, told Sullivan.
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