Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Empire State Building sues photographer for photographing topless model

In ESRT v. Henson, the Empire State Building has sued a photographer for photographing a topless model on the building's observation deck.

Summons and complaint


DDonna said...

Ray, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Is your opinion that the empire state building has exceeded its rights in this matter?

Of course, if you're precluded from commenting due to your involvement in the case, or just because you don't feel like commenting, I'm sure I'd understand.

raybeckerman said...

Hi DDonna. I'm not involved in the case, but I have represented photographers, and would not want to comment on this case. Generally, since I'm a practicing litigator, I try to avoid giving my legal opinion on interesting issues until I'm on record with a brief I've filed.

raybeckerman said...

But I guess I don't mind going on record with saying that the amount of damages sought by the Empire State Building is ridiculous, and probably more intended to attract press attention than to achieve any kind of permissible legal objective.