Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Digital Music News Reports: "Nettwerk Chief Steps Up Challenge Against RIAA"

This in from Digital Music News:

Nettwerk Chief Steps Up Challenge Against RIAA

Last week, the RIAA received a surprising challenge from major management firm Nettwerk Music Group, home to multi-platinum artists Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Dido and Sum 41. The group is now aiding accused file-swapper David Greubel in his defense against an RIAA lawsuit, exposing a rift within the music industry. Greubel was targeted by the major label trade group as part of a routine series of lawsuits, and subsequently reached out to a Nettwerk artist for assistance. The result was a commitment by Nettwerk to offer financial and legal support, potentially the first of several similar efforts.

During a recent talk radio program hosted by industry critic Bob Lefsetz, Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride pointed to further action ahead. According to McBride, several executives "have reached out" for ways to support the pushback. The end goal, according to McBride, is to "shame" the RIAA with a precedent that will terminate the continuing string of lawsuits against individual file-swappers.

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