Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pike & Fischer to Host Litigation Documents in RIAA and Consumer P2P Filesharing Copyright Litigations

We are pleased to announce that Internet Law & Regulation, published by noted legal publisher Pike & Fischer, will be hosting litigation .pdf documents from the RIAA and Consumer peer to peer file sharing, digital copyright litigations.

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eclectica said...

There are plenty of people who would be glad to help you host your files and give you online storage space.

It is good to have a few different sites for redundancy.

raybeckerman said...

Thanks, eclectica. I have been fortunate to have a wonderful network of folks who have helped me in that regard.

What is big news about Pike & Fischer is that they are major, well respected legal publishers. So their taking it on is further confirmation of the importance of these critical litigations.

All the best.


raybeckerman said...

Dear Jaded,

Pike & Fischer is making them available to the public, for free, just like the other web sites who have been hosting the pdf litigation documents.

Nothing's changed except now we have a major legal publisher recognizing the importance of these cases.

As you probably know, the blog doesn't have any options for posting of pdf files, so all my blog has is links to the pdf's.

The actual pdf's have been hosted on a group of seven different web sites.

All of them have been available to the public for free.

Now we have a wonderful new web site that is hosting them, Pike & Fischer. They are also hosting them on a basis that they are available to the public for free.

I think it is wonderful that Pike & Fischer is joining in. They are one of the finest legal publishers in the business, and probably the leading legal publishers on internet and copyright issues.

Here's an example of one of their links:

Try it and see how it works.

It opens in a window, but if you want to view it "Full Screen" it gives you the option at the top of the page.

Everything's cool.

Thanks for writing.

Best regards,


CodeWarrior said...

This indeed is excellent news.
Ray, all I can say is God bless you, and a big applause and thanks to Pike and Fischer for hosting.

The people have spoken!