Wednesday, May 24, 2006

p2pnet Under Attack; Our Readers Urged to Contribute to Legal Defense Fund

The excellent web site for news and commentary about p2p file sharing,, published by Jon Newton, is being sued for libel by Kazaa. The basis for the suit is some negative commentary about someone at Kazaa by Jon's readers (i.e. not by Jon himself) in the Comments section.

Since is in Canada, that's where the suit is being brought.

Cases like this are real important. They are a direct attack on freedom of speech. Big corporations with lots of money, using their money to foment frivolous litigation to shut down their critics, cannot be allowed to get away with this type of conduct, or you -- the reader -- will never be able to go anywhere to actually find out the truth.

I urge all of my readers to contribute, via Paypal, to Jon's legal defense fund:

Help Jon beat the lawsuit

If you'd rather send Jon a check, here's the address:

Jon Newton
PO Boxs 1532
Lake Cowichan,
British Columbia V0R 2G0

For information of progress of p2pnet ligitation defense fund:

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1 comment:

eclectica said...

"Since is in Canada, that's where the suit is being brought."

Actually the server is located in California and the webhoster InterServer is located in New Jersey, so I think the webhoster can disregard the suit.