Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Television Disrupted", by Shelly Palmer, Critizes RIAA Litigations against Consumers

Excerpt from important new book, "Television Disrupted" by Shelly Palmer, 1st Vice President of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Chairman of Advanced Media Technology Emmy Awards, and award winning inventor, technologist, composer, and television producer:

"Record Industry vs. Consumers

"When the history of the recording industry is written, they will cite the RIAA's lawsuits against their customers as their darkest hour....[M]ost people think of it as winning the battle and losing the war.

"The recording industry is now an enemy of the public and this is truly sad. Consumers love the artists and hate the unbranded, faceless, nameless distributors that keep them from accessing what they now believe should be totally free. Of all the battles caused by the transition to networked media, the most bloodied and most devastated industry will be recorded music.

"The missed opportunity to understand the consumer and the unwillingness to adjust its thinking almost pale by comparison to the cultural and societal damage that the industry's collective "head in the sand" position has caused.....It is a business nightmare from which the industry will not awake....."

For more information about "Television Disrupted", go to www.televisiondisrupted.com

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