Monday, July 17, 2006

"Defective by Design" Campaign to Conduct Conference Call about Helping Defendants in RIAA cases.

The Defective By Design campaign has announced a conference call
scheduled for Wednesday, July 19th, at 3:00 p.m., with Ray Beckerman
(the author of this blog), about the importance of helping defendants
being sued by the RIAA cartel:

In the words of Peter T. Brown, the Foundation's Executive Director:

Ray Beckerman is the attorney leading the legal fight against the RIAA
in the USA. Join us on this conference call and learn how stopping these
law suits will help stop the imposition of DRM.

At this moment there are law suits in progress that could have far
reaching consequences for the Internet, copyright law, and the attempt
by Big Media to push DRM down our throats. Ray has news that will help
us connect the dots between DRM and the RIAA law suits, and show us what
action we can take.

In our fight against DRM we face a cartel of large media corporations
colluding with each other illegally. All the Big Media companies act as
one in their insistence that digital restrictions on technology must be
put in place. And they all act as one in their support for the
RIAA-fronted law suits. This type of collusion is unprecedented and
joint legal action of this nature is almost unheard of.

Competitors usually seek out a competitive advantage over one another.
In the entertainment industry you would expect to see companies
releasing their product in formats that are better for their customers.
Instead, these "competitors" have a delicate agreement in place to force
us to accept their defective products -- defective because they are
crippled with DRM. We can help break this agreement by applying
appropriate pressure on the RIAA law suits. Join us and learn how
stopping the RIAA law suits can stop DRM.

* Conference call details will be posted on
tomorrow at noon Pacific.

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