Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Urgent Appeal for Information from All People in the Radio Business!!!!

Urgent appeal for help from our friends in the radio business...

For one of our litigations we are collecting information on the use by the major record labels of peer-to-peer file sharing technology to make song files available to radio stations.

Please circulate this to anyone you know who is in, or may know people who are in, the radio business.

Anyone who has information is urgently asked to communicate it to

Ray Beckerman


Ty Rogers

Thank you.

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eclectica said...

So are radio stations getting their songs by way of a filesharing method straight from the record companies? That would be easier and faster than for them to have to distribute a CD to each radio station.

They are looking to do use that for distributing new movies too, but many movie theaters still use film.

raybeckerman said...

So I have been told.

Mike said...

With IP/computer spoofing being so common a 12 yr old child can do it and people being able to use other bandwidth illegally(without consent); doesn't it seem like "beyond a reasonable doubt" would apply as a defense?

CodeWarrior said...

I blame the ISPs for collecting and keeping the amount of IP address information they keep on customers. Beyond any legitimate record for billing purposes, the ISPs should purge records regularly at the end of their business day, and make that a part of their regular pattern and practice.

Some of the anti-porn groups and trying to mandate laws to force ISPs to keep vast archives of the IP address and the activies of each IP address. This is unduly burdensome and unreasonable, and I assert, violates individual privacy.