Friday, September 15, 2006

Ars Technica Comments on Proposed New York Rules Which Would Affect Blogging by Lawyers

Eric Bangeman of Ars Technica has written an article on proposed new rules in New York State which would make blogging by lawyers in that State a virtual impossibility:

"New York courts may keep lawyers from blogging"
By Eric Bangeman

Proposed rules

Further commentary and discussion:
Consumer Law & Policy Blog

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StephenH said...

If this passes, file a challenge under 1st amendment grounds. I hope RecordingIndustryVsThePeople doesn't become history!

eclectica said...

Such regulation might make sense if all lawyers were government employees with guaranteed standard wages working for the courts system. In France doctors can not advertise or promote themselves because they all work for the government health care system there. But here I think there is no basis for this law to be passed, because the government has limited abilities to regulate a private industry.

And then of course there is the obvious First Amendment issue.

CodeWarrior said...

For those Sooooooo concerned about people in positions of ethical importance not being able to make public statements which may be misleading, I would suggest their time would be more judiciously spent wrapping miles of industrial strength duct tape around the mouth of King George the Cowardly (aka George Walker Bush)

Hey, teachers, leave those lawyers alone!