Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slashdotters Grill Beckerman

Just to let you know I've really been "Slashdotted"... a tough interview, and merciless pounding afterwards. But it was an honor to be selected, and going through it has been a lot of fun, kind of like a Friars Club Roast except without the "love" part.

Commentary and discussion:

Table of Cases

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raybeckerman said...

See what I mean, folks, about how the Slashdotters have been mercilessly beating me up today.

raybeckerman said...

Thanks for coming over, reader x. I can take it. I have a thick skin.

eclectica said...

Beckerman answered some questions vaguely or in a limited fashion because he does not claim to know the answers to everything.

raybeckerman said...

I personally think that the guy who asked question no. 7 on Slashdot was an RIAA troll.

It was the only question or comment he'd ever submitted at Slashdot, his quesion was a trap, it was designed to throw the discussion off topic, and it did throw the discussion off topic.

The RIAA would love to box me in on what my position is on unsettled leqal issues, by getting me to make public statements on things like that, but I'm not rising to that bait.

I truly think that questiion was a setup.

raybeckerman said...

I am aware of no rulings about

eclectica said...

I'm pretty sure there are paid propagandists working for the RIAA and it looks to me that Beckerman is right regarding question #7.

Even the U. S. government which is supposed to behave ethically, has been caught paying people like Armstrong Williams to write articles that are propaganda pieces. So imagine what kind of funny stuff goes on from an inherently unethical organization such as the RIAA.

They got in trouble in New York state for their Payola by having RIAA employees call radio stations pretending to be regular listeners making requests for songs to be played. Those same pathetic lackeys employed by the RIAA have probably switched tasks to instead spam and promote the RIAA propaganda on popular boards throughout the internet.