Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Digital Music News reports: eMusic picks up ground in Europe

Report by Digital Music News:

eMusic Gains Early Ground in Europe, Grabs 20,000 Subs

Just two months after launching in Europe, independent music download store eMusic has grabbed a healthy 20,000 subscribers. The company beta launched in the region in early August, and officially announced its arrival the following month. The new subscriber base has purchased a total of two million downloads, according to the company.....

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Alter_Fritz said...

qoute1: Additionally, eMusic sells tracks as open MP3s, a factor that lessens confusion among buyers. "Selling two million tracks in Europe in two months speaks volumes about the unmet demand for universally-compatible and well-priced digital music services in Europe," said eMusic chief David Pakman.

qoute2: John Kennedy, chairman and chief executive of IFPI, said: "In each of the 17 countries involved in today's actions there are legal music services available to consumers. There is no excuse.

Just to bad that the well-known and respected record companies does NOT offer "legal music services" like eMusic does! Organised Music sells Digital Restrictions Malware infected Microsoft WMA or this apple C.R.A.P.
So IMO the stupidity of "Big Four" regarding interoperability issues are the reason why so many prefer p2p. What they got there is playable where they want. IMO That is a very good excuse!

Even God thinks it is right to do p2p. Why would otherwise his christian ground personnel in germany do it according to the IFPI press release?!
The only logical conclusion is: Organised Music is the devil! :-P
Who wants to bet if the RIAA Member persons and their lawyers come into the heaven when their time comes one day?