Tuesday, October 17, 2006

RIAA Claims to Have Brought 8000 New Cases Worldwide

BBC reports that the RIAA is claiming to have commenced 8000 new cases worldwide, adding to the 31,000 it claims to have already commenced:


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Alter_Fritz said...

John Kennedy, chairman and chief executive of IFPI, said:
"People should understand that they can be caught whatever network they are using. The next time a series of law suits are announced you could be on the receiving end if you are an illegal file-sharer."

2 highranking US lawyers for the american section of the IFPI (RIAA) told the judge that the RIAA contracts with media sentry must be secret because they contain information about means of networkusage to infringe copyrights that their investigators are unable to detect and that they fear that this knowledge could become public if Defendant can see this information.

Now the question; who is lying here?

Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Buckley in their statements under this perjury thingy or this other guy for these well-known and respected record companies?

maybe Ray you should call Mr. Kennedy as a witness to find out if he is a chairman and chief executive that tells the british press bullshit or if he really knows what he is talking about and those other 2 "RIAA-boys" are just those that does not tell the truth to the judge? ;-)

StephenH said...

I think that the recording industry is shooting itself in the foot!

They should do the following instead:

1) License P2P providers their content

2) Put in a collective license fund for open source, decentralized P2P

3) Work with the paesants on getting artists paid, while at the same time adopting a technology policy that favors the general public.