Wednesday, November 01, 2006

James O'Neil, Former Attorney General of Rhode Island, Acting as RIAA Local Counsel in Rhode Island

We have learned that James O'Neil, the former Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island, is acting as the local lawyer for the RIAA in Rhode Island. On behalf of the RIAA, he has recently sued a parent who has never done any file sharing or downloading, in Elektra v. Werry. The parent is presently representing himself.

Elektra v. Werry, Dist. Rhode Island 1:06-cv-00357, Docket Sheet*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Alter_Fritz said...

qoute: Practice Areas: [...] White Collar Crime [...]

Well, shouldn't this former civil servant then not better work for the people instead for those well-known and respected record companies?

Or could it be that
a) "the people" do not pay what THEY pay him from the money THEY extort from "the people"
b) due to his practical experience with white collar crime he is the right man for THEM?

eclectica said...

What a waste of life. It seems the RIAA gets a lot of politicians on board. I guess they figure anyone doing that job is already full of shit or lacking in scruples. Mitch Bainwol also had a political background.

CodeWarrior said...

Isn't Rhode Island the tiniest state in the nation?

~Code from TEXAS (2nd only in land mass to Alaska, but more residents than Alaska)