Friday, August 24, 2007

State-by-State List of Cases.

Updated through 8/23/07

Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington Canada Netherlands

Motown v. Liggins (M.D. Alabama)
UMG v. Heard (Birmingham, Alabama)

Interscope v. Duty (Arizona)
Loud v. Sanchez (Tucson, AZ)

MGM v. Grokster (C.D. California)
Motown v. Lisberg, (C.D. California)
SONY v. Does 1-10 (Fresno, CA)
SONY v. Merchant (Fresno, CA)
UMG v. Hummer Winblad (San Francisco, CA)(Case Against Napster Investors)
Universal v. Hogan (San Diego, CA)(MPAA case)
Virgin v. Marson (Central Dist. California, Western Divis.)
Warner v. Maravilla (C.D. California)

Arista v. Does 1-9 (Denver, CO)

Interscope v. Does 1-40 (Tampa, FL)
Virgin v. Morgan (Pensacola, FL)
UMG v. Del Cid (Tampa, FL)

Atlantic v. Zuleta (Atlanta, GA)
Priority v. Beer (Columbus, GA)

BMG v. Gonzalez (USCA 7th Cir.)
BMG v. Thao (Chicago, IL)
Elektra v. Wilke (Chicago, IL)
Lewan v. Sharman (Chicago, IL)(class action against Kazaa)
Warner v. DeWitt (N.D. Illinois, Eastern Div.)

Capitol v. Fanguiaire (Boston, MA)

Elektra v. Harless (Detroit, MI)
Motown v. Nelson (Detroit, MI)
Priority v. Chan (Detroit, MI)(Closed)
Priority v. Chan II (Detroit, MI)
Warner v. Paladuk (E. D. Michigan)
Warner v. Pidgeon (E. D. Michigan, Southern Div.)
Warner v. Scantlebury E.D. Michigan, Southern Division)

Elektra v. McCall (Minnesota)

Atlantic v. Myers (Jackson, MS)
Elektra v. Dennis (Jackson, MS)

New Jersey
SONY v. Scimeca (Newark, NJ) (Closed)

New Mexico
Capitol v. Does 1-16 (D. New Mexico)

New York
Arista v. Finkelstein (New York, NY)
Arista v. Lime Wire (New York, NY)(RIAA case against Lime Wire)
Atlantic v. Does 1-25(New York, NY)
Atlantic v. Huggins(Brooklyn, NY)
Atlantic v. Shutovsky (New York, NY)
Capitol v. Sitaras (Brooklyn, NY)
Elektra v. Barker (New York, NY)
Elektra v. Does 1-9 (Closed)
Elektra v. Santangelo (White Plains, NY)
Elektra v. Santangelo II (White Plains, NY)
Elektra v. Schwartz (Brooklyn, NY)
Elektra v. Torres (Brooklyn, NY)
Interscope v. Does (New York, NY)
Interscope v. Kimmel (Binghamton, NY)
Lava v. Amurao (White Plains, NY)
Loud v. Does (New York, NY)
Maverick v. Becker (Brooklyn, NY)
Maverick v. Chowdhury (Brooklyn, NY)
Maverick v. Goldshteyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Motown v. Does 1-99 (New York, NY)
SONY v. Does 1-40(New York, NY) SDNY 04cv473(Closed)
UMG v. Lindor (Brooklyn, NY)
Warner v. Cassin (White Plains, NY)
Warner v. Does 1-149 (New York, NY)

Arista v. Does 1-15 (S.D. Ohio)

Arista v. Does 1-11 (Oklahoma City, OK)
Capitol Records v. Foster (Oklahoma)
Warner v. Stubbs (Oklahoma City, OK)

Andersen v. Atlantic (Oregon)
Atlantic v. Andersen(Oregon)
Elektra v. Perez (Oregon)

BMG v. Does (E. D. Pa. CV 04-650)
Motion v. DePietro (Pro Se case)(Philadelphia, PA)

Rhode Island
Elektra v. Werry (Providence, Rhode Island)

South Carolina
Atlantic v. Njuguna
Interscope v. Korb (Charleston, SC)
SONY v. DeMaria (Charleston, South Carolina)

Virgin v. Does 1-33 (Knoxville, TN)

Arista Records v. Greubel (Fort Worth, TX)
Arista v. Tschirhart (San Antonio, TX)
Atlantic v. Boggs (Corpus Christi, TX)
Atlantic v. Demassi (Houston,TX)
BMG v. Conklin (Pro se case in Houston, TX)
Fonovisa v. Alvarez (Abilene, TX)
Fonovisa v. Does 1-41 (Austin, TX)
SONY v. Arellanes (Sherman, Texas)
SONY v. Crain (Beaumont, Texas)
UMG v. Hightower (Houston, TX)
Warner v. Payne (Waco, TX)

Interscope v. Does 1-7 (Newport News, VA)

Interscope v. Leadbetter (Seattle, WA)

BMG v. Doe (Canada)

Foundation v. UPC Nederland (Netherlands, District Court of Utrecht)

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Ryan said...

I happened to notice that the case "SONY v. Does 1-10 (Fresno, CA)" dose not appear when you follow the link.

raybeckerman said...

Thanks, ryan.... I fixed it.
Much appreciated.

gllnpxl said...

I noticed that no Connecticut cases are listed. Do you know if this state has any consumer laws or rules that would discourage the RIAA?

raybeckerman said...

It doesn't work that way, Gary. No state consumer law could stop federal copyright cases. Federal law trumps state law under the U.S. Constitution.

The only reason Connecticut isn't listed is that I don't happen to know of any cases in Connecticut.

AMD FanBoi said...

I find it interesting in Warner v. Maravilla that they dismissed their case the moment the Defendant pointed out that they have no case. The judge didn't even seem involved in this action, although other judges admit they don't understand the technology, yet rule that a case exists (refuse to dismiss) anyway.

mhoyes62 said...

Hey Ray,

I noticed you have North Carolina listed at the top, but no NC cases listed. Is this because there are none, or did they get removed for some reason?

raybeckerman said...

No, it's because I'm getting senile.

But boy am I lucky to have readers like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albert T. Brown Jr. said...

New case in SD Ohio Elektra, et al. v. Licata 1:07 CV 569 HJW.
I am appearing for defendant

Would appreciate any posts off blog or on.

Albert T. Brown Jr.
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Suite 2550 Kroger Bldg.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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