Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Magistrate Denies Request for Attorneys Fees by Ms. Lindor's Son

Magistrate Robert M. Levy, who denied the RIAA's attempt to obtain production of Ms. Lindor's son's desktop computer, has denied the son's request for attorneys fees in connection with the motion, in UMG v. Lindor:

April 10, 2007, Order, Denying Request for Attorneys Fees*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

Commentary & discussion:


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AMD FanBoi said...


What's unjust here has been the RIAA's ability to harass and run up legal fees for a non-party to the suit, and then get off scott free. Does this judge have no sense of Justice at all?

Barlow said...

This should be appealed to the court as a.f. points out what is unjust is not awarding attorney fees.

Alter_Fritz said...


amd fanboi asked "Does this judge have no sense of Justice at all?"

Its my impression that this judge does have a sense for justice, thats why he ruled that the inspection of computers and mp3 players of non-parties will not lead to admissable evidence for any party in a lawsuit.

It's my further impression that what this judge does NOT have is an oversight of whats going on in the cases he got appointed.
And he oviously has problems to remember what he have ruled not about and if he had ruled how he had in those instances.

Thats why this "officers of the court" named RIAA lawyers can blatantly lie and misrepresent to him what he himself did or not did a few month, weeks or as it seems now even days ago because.

Since I don't want to blame him for doing it mailiciously, I must come to the conclusion that in his case (other then in Judge West's case) age seems to be a contributing factor.
It might help if he would create his orders in a similar fashion with more sentences so he can fastly look up the history before a ruling he had made/is about to made simply based on borrowed wordings from a bad faith acting officer of the court named RIAA lawyer!
Or doesn't those NY judges that get's all the RIAA cases appointed have some mid40s court clarks that can help them keep the oversight of their rulings?!!

Dreddsnik said...

they needed a way to cost their
victims money, and still be safe

Now they have it.

Let the blackmail continue I guess.

Alter_Fritz said...

hm, looks like I must rethink my conclusion;
Not sure why, but somehow I was under the impression that judge Levy would fit in the same "old man judge" league like Judge West did.

while I was unable to find his year of birth, google surfaced this Picture from 2003. Definetly not a match to my impression.
Ray, are there any other RIAA cases you reported about where a second judge in Honorable West's age range are involved? Otherwise I could not recall where my impression resulted from.
Sorry your Honor Levy, I must have confused you with someone else. But non the less, your rulings seems inconsistent and illogic to me.