Saturday, June 23, 2007

Open Letter to Colleges and Universities, Printable Link.

To all college students, and parents of college students:

Here is a link to an easily printable version of my "Open Letter to Colleges and Universities":

Make sure it gets to your college's administrators and legal counsel, and if your school has an outside Internet Service Provider, to them as well.

Best regards

Commentary & discussion on RIAA campaign against colleges:

Info World

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AMD FanBoi said...

Good letter. Now, if you could just win in court on the improper joinder issue it would be a big victory.

Dante said...

Will the RIAA and its lawyers ever face fines or disciplinary action for routinely eschewing due process and ignoring the order regarding joinders?

Dante said...

Shouldn't they?

raybeckerman said...

1. I expect so.
2. Yes.

Anonymous said...

College students across the country are responding to the RIAA. The Digital Freedom Campaign, a broad-based coalition of artists, consumers, and innovators seeking balanced copyright reform for the digital world, today announced a major initiative to launch college campus chapters around the country that will promote the freedom of students to participate fully in the digital revolution. The first such chapter announced today will be established at Virginia’s James Madison University.