Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Debbie Foster Demands Security for RIAA's Payment of Her Attorneys Fees

In view of the RIAA's failure to pay the month-old award of attorneys fees in Capitol v. Foster, and its lawyers' failure to respond to Ms. Foster's lawyer's email, Ms. Foster filed a motion this Monday asking the Court to enter judgment so that she could move forward with judgment collection proceedings.

The RIAA did not oppose the motion, but filed papers saying it did not object to entry of judgment, but intimated that it believed there would be an automatic 10-day stay of enforcement of the judgment, and further indicated that it had 30 days to appeal from the judgment.

In response, Ms. Foster is asking the Judge to require the RIAA to post security for payment of the attorneys fees award, and sufficient to cover all of the ensuing attorneys fees expected to be incurred.

August 14, 2007, Statement of No Objection by RIAA*
August 15, 2007, Reply by Defendant Requesting Security for Attorneys Fees and Costs*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Macros said...

Is that meant to say 10-days? The filing states an automatic 10-day stay, not the 1-day as in your summary.

raybeckerman said...

macros, thanks for catching my error. i corrected it.

AMD FanBoi said...

I believe this demonstrates better than anything else so far the complete Obstructionist tactics employed the the RIAA at every stage of litigation. They will go to the last second they can get away with in order to pressure their opponents.

Can they be severely punished for this?

raybeckerman said...

ed, i had to delete your comment, even though i concur wholeheartedly in your sentiments, because it violated a couple of my moderation's the entire list... yours might have violated rules 2, 9, and 10.... sorry to be a pain but the riaa loves to cite my blog to the judges, so we need to keep the level of discourse on a very dignified plane.... thanks

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