Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RIAA Fails to Pay Attorneys Fee Award; Debbie Foster Asks Court to Enter Judgment for Attorneys Fees

In Capitol v. Foster, where the Court has awarded defendant more than $68,000 in attorneys fees against the record companies, the plaintiffs have failed to pay the amount ordered, and Ms. Foster has asked the Court to enter judgment.

Motion for Judgment Awarding Atttorneys Fees*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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Random said...

I wonder if any judges will take note of this in future trials... That the RIAA hounds people relentlessly, but when the tables are turned, the big corporation doesn't come up with the money they owe.

Bite the hand that feeds you, and you're liable to get smacked.

pepper said...

Maybe the riaa isn't as well off as we all seem to think....can't pay what they are ordered to pay here..in another thread here, they're fighting over $500.00 and change. Maybe they're going bankrupt after all.

Keep up the pressure!

raybeckerman said...

No I don't think a delay in paying the attorneys fees award is something the courts will care about.

Well the Big 4 record companies claim to be having a hard time, and I believe them; they are the worst managed businesses I have ever seen. It would not surprise me in the least to see them go Chapter 11.

David-C said...

I should wonder what could happen to the companies when a collection agency goes after them. Could their liquid assets be frozen / repossessed by the government until they pay up? Man, that'd be sweet justice...

Dan Fishman said...

Regarding the delay, it doesn't seem shocking to me that the RIAA would balk at every turn in paying, and won't pay until they are compelled under threat of penalty to do so. It's ethically wrong, but of course that doesn't bother them. And it's financially and legally the best strategy -- or am I misunderstanding?

As I read it, right now they are ordered to pay, but there is as of yet no penalty for not paying. There is still an option of appeal on the table, and there is not a final judgment yet.

So wouldn't it be crazy of the RIAA to pay legal fees now?

Unknown said...

It did not work for SCO what makes the RIAA think it will for them

Unknown said...

Dan, it would not be crazy for the RIAA to bow to the judgement of the court, and garner some credibility with the public. As you say, though, their fkkkd up lawyers (who can't take a loss with any dignity) will appeal or stall for financial or legal bargaining advantages. Sickening.

raybeckerman said...

brian, i had to delete your post because of your toned down use of a curse word...