Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Motley Fool: Record companies "still haven't worked up the gall to take on Harvard"

New article in Motley Fool investment web site:

RIAA Blasts Its Customers, Again
By Anders Bylund January 15, 2008

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) just won't give up. The unified front for Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG, EMI, Vivendi Universal Music, and Warner Music (NYSE: WMG), et al., is becoming even more audacious in its campaign against American college students.

A new wave of 407 settlement letters went out to 18 colleges, including above-suspicion law universities like Stanford, Duke, and UC Berkeley. Yale and Columbia were tapped two rounds ago in November.

But they still haven't worked up the gall to take on Harvard, where prominent law professors have advocated strong, direct action.........


Besides alienating those who should be their biggest fans, and driving file-sharing activity further underground, the record labels accomplish very little with their lawsuit campaign. The RIAA should give it up already and join the future. Never mind the students -- your shareholders will thank you.
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Anonymous said...

When will the RIAA and its affiliated companies realize, when the opposition is increasing against you every day and your resources aren't, that you're truly fighting a losing battle?

-Dodge Magnum