Wednesday, February 27, 2008

University of San Francisco School of Law, IP Law Clinic, comes to aid of lawyers defending RIAA victims

In what is believed to be a first, the University of San Francisco School of Law's Intellectual Property Law Clinic has come to the aid of lawyers representing RIAA defendants.

Law students in the program, working under the supervision of law professors, are assisting outside lawyers representing the victims of RIAA suits on a pro bono basis.

Earlier this week, a brief was served in Maverick v. Chowdhury, a Brooklyn case in which the defendant is represented by Vandenberg & Feliu, in which two law students from the program assisted.

Defendant's Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims (Maverick v. Chowdhury)*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

Commentary & discussion:

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Pat said...

I was wondering if our law school was going to start getting involved. Good to see that big tuition check I just sent in is actually going toward something good.

Reluctant Raconteur said...


I think the first two counterclaims be automatic.

For the first, if the plaintiffs have sued the wrong person, then someone falsely sued should be made whole. If the plaintiffs win the counter claim is moot. Regardless, I would think it premature to dismiss the counterclaim until judgment is rendered.

For the second, the defendant should have closure on the issue before the court. If the plaintiffs withdraw without prejudice, the defendant is not otherwise afforded that closure. Again, if the plaintiffs prevail the counter claim is moot.