Tuesday, March 25, 2008

p2pnet follows up on survey of states in which MediaSentry is not licensed

p2pnet.net is staying on top of the MediaSentry licensing story:

MediaSentry: have you checked your state?

p2pnet news | RIAA News:- Is Warner Music, EMI, Vivendi Universal and Sony BMG ‘investigator’ MediaSentry operating illegally in your state?” - p2pnet asked by way of a follow-up to MediaSentry: RIAA can of worms.

The Massachusetts State police have banned the company, it’s been accused of operating without a licence in Oregon, Florida, Texas and New York, and similar charges have been levelled at it in Michigan, we said in Is RIAA’s MediaSentry illegal in YOUR state?
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Jadeic said...

As a regular (make that daily) visitor to p2pnet.net as well I have been keeping up to speed with Jon's support regarding MediaSentry. Hopefully, before too long, we will have a complete state-by-state breakdown of their (lack of) licenses to operate as investigators.

It should then be possible, at every available opportunity, in court to pose the simple question "Does MediaSentry have a licence to operate in this state: Yes or No?".

As some of the posts here have suggested, it is quite possible that they are licensed but not as MediaSentry per se which makes it difficult to track them - anything to muddy the waters of course.


StephenH said...

I beleive that MediaSentry/Safenet being unlicensed in so many states will eventually be a way for defendants to start winning cases or getting the RIAA stopped in its tracks. If a court begins to strike MediaSentry's "forensic evidence" due to not having a license in many states, this will make RIAA think differently about these tactics, or at the very least hire a licensed investigator.

raybeckerman said...

stephenh, I think your post is kind of misleading when you say "will eventually be a way for defendants to start winning cases". I'm not aware of any defendant losing a fully contested case, other than Jammie Thomas.... and that case isn't over yet.

The way for defendants to win cases is to stay in there and fight.

The RIAA's cases are based on zero evidence, and fabricated legal theories. If defendants fight they will win.

It's that simple.