Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thank you, readers. "Recording Industry vs. People" has now passed 3,000,000 page views

Just wanted to take a moment to thank my readers for visiting "Recording Industry vs. The People".

I just noticed that we have passed another milestone, 3 million page views. Specifically : 3,094,130


Best regards.


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Scott said...

Ray, if it wasn't for RIVTP, I would not have become aware of this latest cruel fraud being perpetrated by the recording industry against the American people. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Beckerman,
Thank you for your work. This site is a work of moral courage. It not only is a tremendous asset for those poor dolphins caught in the corporate drift nets but it also galvanizes the public against this commercial bully. For many of us it is the first real introduction to the legal process and the tremendous time, effort and expense it takes to fight the good fight. Thank you for sharing this blog with all of us.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work Ray!



Igor said...

Ray, Thanks for your great work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I read through an RSS reader so the numbers are even higher...

John said...

Here's to 3 million more of giving em' hell. Congrats, Ray.

Anonymous said...

I read this site daily as part of my "Law Stuff" folder. Congrats, Ray, and keep up the good work.

StephenH said...

I can see how you got 3,000,000 hits! This is one of the most premier legal sites on the RIAA file sharing issue when it comes to consumers. One can find the days news, legal documents, and even some tips that have been tried or being tried for fighting the RIAA back!

Ray you are outstanding in educating people on this very issue!