Saturday, July 19, 2008

Materials for Last H.O.P.E. July 19, 2008, talk

If you're attending my talk at the Last H.O.P.E. Conference on July 19th, here are some background materials:

RIAA Expert
Jacobson testimony: no testing, no publishing, no peer review, no nothing
Judge saying he can testify anyway
MediaSentry printouts, part 1
MediaSentry printouts, part 2
Links to complete deposition transcript, plus all exhibits
Direct link to complete deposition transcript
RIAA saying it identifies an individual
RIAA expert witness saying RIAA does not identify an individual

RIAA Investigator
MediaSentry says it is not an expert witness
MediaSentry says it is an expert witness
RIAA says MediaSentry is an investigator
RIAA says MediaSentry is not an investigator
MediaSentry says it is an investigator
MediaSentry says it is not an investigator

Defendant's expert
Expert witness report of Prof. Johan Pouwelse

Substantive law
Atlantic v. Howell (No "making available")
Capitol v. Foster (RIAA's theory of secondary liability "marginal")

Expert Witness Defense Fund (Managed by Free Software Foundation)

Commentary & discussion:
PTBvisiongrrl's Live Journal

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Unknown said...

I didn't have much of a chance to read the HOPE schedule, but I'll be sure to make my way towards your session. I'm looking forward to it!

Alter_Fritz said...

Thank you very much!

Say, do you know if they have a live stream of the talks? (well yours would be the most important one of course!) ;-)

And if they have not, then annoy them please to make your talk as fast as possible available as a torrent afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Ray, what is H.O.P.E. and will it have any impact on pending litigation?

Anonymous said...

The last two items do not load.

Kip Patterson

raybeckerman said...

Kip, the 'technical difficulties' at have resurfaced.

I've deleted the 2 nonworking links you referred to, and will insert new links when I have the documents uploaded.

raybeckerman said...

OK, ilrweb seems to be back in operation.

Alter_Fritz said...

RK asked what H.O.P.E. is

it is a gathering of the people that "do computers".

Some say "hacker conferences" to those gatherings.

Its a 4 letter acronym for Hackers On Planet Earth.

So while this conference might not have the direct impact among the same peer groupt that attend for example the fordham IP thingy with all those high class politicos/judges/lawyers, greater exposure to the public of the flaws/evilness of what organised music is going with the court systems and society will result from events like HOPE non the less.

What are "Hackers"?
(just as one example! there are others also well written explainations what hackers are)

raybeckerman said...

Here's a link.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little concerned about how Ray will fit into HOPE.

No nickname (I liked "Grandama Death")
and I sure hope he isn't going to wear a bow tie.

Kip ( alias wildbird) Patterson

raybeckerman said...


1. My nickname is NewYorkCountryLawyer.... don't you read Slashdot?

2. I never wear bow ties. In fact I never wear ties, unless I'm going to court. Or a funeral. Or a bar mitzvah.

3. I went to Bronx High School of Science, and wore pocket protectors.

Give me a break.

Just because I'm not that smart doesn't mean I won't fit in. Somebody has to be at the bottom of the curve.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links RaY!

Steve Zweig said...

Regarding Ray's credentials for H.O.P.E.

Bronx High School of Science, +2
Pocket protectors, +3

Has dated and apparently married, -5

Overall, a wash. We'll just have to judge by his talk.

IMALS (I am a law student)

Anonymous said...

So, Ray, how did the talk go??


zi said...

thanks to everyone who came to the HOPE Conference. Unbeknownst to me, we went up against the keynote speaker, which was the worst possible time slot to be given.

I didn't have pocket protectors: -1
owned a 2400 modem: +1

.. so Ray and I are tied at 0.

Alter_Fritz said...

Hey, the search box does give the wanted page even for lazy guys like me. :-)

Ray's and Zi's talk can be downloaded using an "online media distribution system" from