Friday, September 05, 2008

All-day event coming up in New York City on October 6th: "What's the Future for Musicians?"

What's the Future for Musicians?

If you can be at New York City's Public Theater on Monday, October 6th, you might want to sign up for what promises to be a very interesting all-day event, at a very modest $25 registration fee, sponsored by the Future of Music Coalition, entitled What's the Future for Musicians?".

Here's how the hosts introduce it:

Today's music landscape is filled with both excitement and foreboding. With so many new technologies and ways to promote and distribute music, how do performers, composers, songwriters and independent labels know how to participate, who to trust, and what is most effective?

FMC is working with The Public Theater and other musician organizations to program our sixth "What's the Future for Musicians?" educational event, this one in New York City on October 6, 2008.

This seminar will educate musicians and label owners from a range of genres – classical, jazz, rock, folk and hip-hop – about the critical issues at the intersection of music, law, technology and policy, with the goal of better preparing musicians to participate in the issues that affect their livelihood.
The speakers' list includes the following folks, and even more are being added:
Richard Bengloff President , American Association of Independent Music

Michael Bracy Policy Director, Future of Music Coalition

Brian Camelio CEO/Founder, ArtistShare

Ann Chaitovitz Executive Director, Future of Music Coalition

Jennifer Wright Cook Executive Director, The Field

Matthew Covey Executive Director, Tamizdat Inc.

Ken Freedman Station Manager, WFMU

Joel Hamilton Engineer, Producer, Jerk, Studio Owner, Studio G Brooklyn

Dick Huey CEO, Toolshed

Ariel Hyatt President , Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR

Zoe Knight Associate Director/Consultant, Artist Mangement & Publishing

Alex Maiolo Project Director, HINT

Charles McEnerney Host + Producer, Well-Rounded Radio

Marie Ortiz Program Director, Healthcare, Fractured Atlas

hal ponder director of government relations, american federation of musicians

hal ponder director of government relations, american federation of musicians

Jeff Price CEO/Founder, TuneCore

Molly Sheridan Managing Editor,,, American Music Center

Marcy Rauer Wagman Associate Professor/CEO, MAD Dragon UNLTD, Drexel University/MAD Dragon UNLTD
Event website

Commentary & discussion:


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Jadeic said...

Whatever the future, it doesn't appear to feature the RIAA - which can only be a good thing.