Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Plaintiffs move for entry of judgment in SONY v Tenenbaum

The plaintiffs have filed a motion for entry of judgment in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum.

Plaintiffs' motion for entry of judgment

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Jadeic said...

This is an interesting development.

In what amounts to one long anguished wail from the plaintiff that matters are really and truly beyond their control and that wherever they turn everyone (nay millions) of people seem intent in causing them further irreparable damage their only recourse is to censure one solitary individual. The picture they paint of P2P operations in the real world makes it clear to me that sooner or later and only after they have thrown away countless millions in litigation they will themselves create the defendant who says you know what yes I and millions of others are doing this so just what the **** can you do about it. They are trying to bail out a dinghy with a tea strainer.

Alter_Fritz said...

I thought the verdict is not final so far, and that the defendants lawyers are in the working of bringing it to higher courts.
So how can Mrs. Burton of HRO demand a monetary judgement at this time?

Can you explain, Ray?

(No I don't ask for a comment by you and will not comment myself about her nonsense regarding the 7 songs thingy by "Team Tenenbaum" or her mentioning of the "sampler" torrent on TPB which seems to have nothing to do with the defendant here other then that a photoshoped work with a picture of him seems to be used in the torrent description!
[If there are torrents with Eve's picture posted, does that mean she and HRO is responsible then?])

Anonymous said...

Alter_Fritz, linking to The Pirate Bay in this case is probably legal. Specifically, because he's linking to the site, which is legal most of the time, and in particular not with the clear motive of encouraging copyright enfringement.


Anonymous said...

In reference to the 7 song download on TPB.org:

Anyone with common sense would realize that Joel may or may not have had anything to do with this because as Alter_Fritz has pointed out anyone could have photo-shopped the images together and put it out there.

Would it then, if there is no other proof besides what the RIAA claims ( and we all know they tell only the truth in court ), be possible for Joel to go after the RIAA for defamation/slander/libel ( which ever one(s) is(are) appropriate )?

The judge should ask the RIAA to substantiate their claim that Joel actually did this or directed someone else to do this. If not, then possibly sanction these sorry rat punks.

But as we all know the RIAA will never get called to task for their lies/misrepresentations/etc.

Oh well, I can still dream, can't I?

-Completely PO'ed In The South

raybeckerman said...

Dear Anonymous

Who cares?

It has absolutely nothing to do with the actual case.