Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reported that RIAA agreed to settle against Jammie Thomas-Rasset for $25,000

According to this report in, the RIAA offered to accept $25,000 in full settlement of Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset, and the offer was turned down.

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Virtualchoirboy said...

I'd read on Techdirt that the $25,000 offer also came with a condition that the judges reduction be vacated and that the money would go to a musicians charity.

So... the court even agrees the award was grossly excessive and the RIAA tries to find yet another way of keeping them from indicating so.

If that's the case, I believe Jammie was right to reject the offer.

derivative said...

IMHO, that was a major tactical blunder on their part. They should have offered to _give_ her $10,000.00, if she would agree not to appeal, and not to tell anybody about the settlement.

Then they would finally have their huge win on the books for all to see -- an unappealed final judgment for > $2000/song.

raybeckerman said...

Yeah, derivative, that would have been the smart play.

But as I keep saying, they're not known for choosing the smart play.

Anonymous said...

Well seeing that even by 10x the costs would amount to 35$ damages why should she settle?

The RIAA is dreading the Supreme court because the know that the will LOSE!