Sunday, October 31, 2010

Article in @p2pnet about my interview with @copygrounds

Jon Newton of writes about the website, copygrounds (@copygrounds on Twitter), and its interview with me:

Ray Beckerman Talks to Copygrounds

Ray Beckerman’s Recording Industry vs The People blog is the only online repository of legal documents surrounding the RIAA Sue ‘Em All cases.

p2pnet coined the Sue ‘Em All phrase for the first time back in 2003 when the RIAA spearheaded Big Music’s ongoing campaign to gain control of how, and by whom, music is distributed online.

The music ‘trade’ organisation claimed then, and claims now, that files shared equal sales lost. But the contention has never been even nearly demonstrated or supported and in fact, a number of academic and other studies have put it to the lie.

Complete article at p2pnet
Complete interview at copygrounds

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