Monday, August 22, 2011

Judge again reduces award to $2250 per infringed work in Capitol Records v Thomas-Rasset

In Capitol Records v. Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Court again reduced the verdict to $2250 per infringed work, in a 43-page decision handed down on July 22nd. This time the decision was based on constitutional, due process, grounds.

Judgment was immediately entered in that amount.

Today, the RIAA appealed.

July 22, 2011, decision
RIAA notice of appeal

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Travis said...

Can they appeal this Ad infinitum?

raybeckerman said...

No they can't.

One appeal from a final judgment.

The only way it could result in another appeal is if the appeals court remands for further proceedings, and then someone appeals from the end result of the further proceedings.

Not likely here.

raybeckerman said...

Actually I take back what I said about a remand not being a likely scenario.

I can think of some pretty good reasons to remand, actually, but only if Jammie cross appeals.

Anonymous said...

I thought plaintiff was at least a *bit* smarter than this? Two trials, both ending in remittitur, isn't enough clue for them? When does this cross the line into nuisance litigation?

Anonymous said...

Q: "When does this cross the line into nuisance litigation?"

A: Back when the RIAA started this litigation scam.


-Anonymous Bob