Saturday, January 21, 2012

Capitol Records moves for preliminary injunction in ReDigi case

In Capitol Records v. ReDigi, plaintiff has submitted a request for a preliminary injunction. The Court has directed ReDigi to respond by Friday January 27th at 4:00 pm, and scheduled a conference for February 6th.

January 20, 2012, order scheduling preliminary injunction motion
Plaintiff's declarations
Plaintiff's memorandum of law


Opposition papers filed January 27th:

Declaration of John Ossenmacher in opposition to preliminary injunction motion
Declaration of Larry Rudolph in opposition to preliminary injunction motion
Declaration of Ray Beckerman in opposition to preliminary injunction motion
Defendant's memorandum of law in opposition to preliminary injunction motion

Reply papers filed February 1st:

McMullan Reply Declaration
Piibe Reply Declaration
Plaintiff's reply memorandum of law

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1 comment:

mathinker said...

From the plaintiff's declaration: "it is questionable whether ReDigi can effectively determine whether files were lawfully obtained in the first instance". Interesting. Isn't EMI a member of RIAA, the organization which claimed that a teenage girl could not possibly be confused whether a file was under their copyright or not, because there existed a CD with that declaration in a record store "near" her?

And then the plaintiffs continue: "This sequence of infringing events needs to be stopped now for Capitol even to have a fair chance at understanding the scope of the problem". Somehow that makes as much sense to me as, say, closing a section of highway in order to better collect traffic accident statistics on it?