Monday, April 30, 2012

New scheduling order entered in Capitol v ReDigi

In Capitol Records v. ReDigi, a new scheduling order has been entered, providing for discovery to be concluded by June 20th, and for the summary judgment briefing to be conducted over the summer, and for oral argument of the summary judgment motion to take place on October 5th.

Amended Case Management Order

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1 comment:

phil said...

Ray, it looks like to me, a 76 year old retired lawyer, that this case will not be finally disposed of by a MSJ. It is headed for the Supremes, even if the Supremes refuse to grant cert.
ReDigi has hired new attys, about whom I know nothing, but assume they were brought into the case because of their reputation in copyright and "first sale" cases.
Has either side asked for a jury trial. It would seem to me that ReDigi would want a jury as ReDigi's case certainly has sex appeal to 95% of the internet music buyers.
Would you care to predict the court's ruling on the MSJ?