Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jon Newton is baaaaaack

Jon Newton, scourge of the entertainment cartels and former owner/editor of Canadian freedom of speech advocacy site p2pnet, is back with a new blog -- http://www.myblogdammit.net
(The RSS feed for the site is http://www.myblogdammit.net/?feed=rss2)

Jon has been a great friend to this blog, and to the victims of the RIAA and movie industry bullying.

He had to stop publishing after suffering two heart attacks, a quadruple coronary bypass and a stroke.

Jon is one of the original supporters of Anonymous. http://anonnews.org/external-news/item/160/

He was also the defendant in a milestone defamation court case which, had it succeeded, would’ve put a permanent chill on the Internet in Canada with repercussions echoing around the world.

“I'll still be focusing on freedom of expression on and off-line, and the ongoing adventures of Anonymous", he says.

Jon's most recent post centers on the missing RIAA site.

Jon can be followed on Twitter as @jonnewton8

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