Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pro se litigant, Doe #8, moves to quash in Patrick Collins Inc v Does 1-45

In Patrick Collins v. Does 1-45, a second Doe has moved to quash, this one appearing pro se and filing his or her motion through the Pro Se Clerk's office.

Doe #8 motion to quash

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Ray Beckerman, PC


mathinker said...

I find it a bit amusing that someone wishing to remain anonymous would submit court documents in handwriting.

Well, I suppose that he/she might be really devious, and that's actually the handwriting of someone else.

I'm disappointed, actually. I had hoped to see a filing which was more "in the know" --- this Doe doesn't even seem to understand that the court system isn't set up to enable him to defend himself anonymously (something which should be fixed, IMHO).

raybeckerman said...

I think Doe #8 is doing just fine, myself.