Friday, September 16, 2005

Calling All Techies!!! If You Want to Help the Victims of the RIAA Lawsuits, Your Help Will be Needed

Calling all Techies!!!

If you are concerned about the RIAA's onslaught against hapless victims, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to help.

Take a good look at this computer protective order in Motown v. Nelson:

These are some of the types of computer-related issues that will come up. As you know, there will be plenty of other issues that might arise, as where a lay person's computer has been taken over by an outside source.

As you know, the RIAA has unlimited resources it is willing to throw into these litigations, but for ordinary folks sued in this morass of litigation, hiring computer forensic experts will be very difficult.

I challenge the tech community -- which seems to be very aware of the peril posed by these lawsuits -- to join the network of knowledgeable and dependable people who are willing to help the defendants' lawyers in these cases, and to do it on a pro bono or reduced fee basis, through the Electronic Frontier Foundation :

EFF Cooperating Techs.

This is a mailing list run by the EFF designed to hook up techies with lawyers on a variety of cases.



Anonymous said...

The court's document specifies "MD5 or equivalent" hash algorithm.

MD5 is no longer appropriate.

SHA-1 may be repudiated some time down the road.

Schneier is a known cryptography expert.

raybeckerman said...
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raybeckerman said...

Dear "anonymous":

Anonymous comments on message boards don't help.

What would help is your offering your services to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's tech coalition.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

this is Ken (aka Fatal Flaw), e-mailed you earlier in the month with a thank you for fighting this case. Anyways just wanted to say I have signed up with the EFF offering my help and am more than willing to wage war against the RIAA.

raybeckerman said...

Thank you, Ken.
Best regards,

PS As Victor Laszlo said in "Casablanca", with you in the fight, "I know our side will win. "

Tiffany said...


I'm currently living in England. Does anyone (since this seems to have become an open forum for this sort of thing :D) know of any similar organizations for people vs BPI (British Phonographic Industry)?


raybeckerman said...

Hi Tiffany

I haven't yet made contact with our British counterparts.

I have however had coffee with the French lawyer who's doing most of the cases in France.

Best regards,