Sunday, September 18, 2005

p2pnet Reports on the "We're Not Taking Anymore" Club

On line publisher has written about some of the folks who have been sued by the RIAA and are fighting back, dubbing them the "We're Not Taking Anymore Club":

"The "We're Not Taking Anymore" Club

"p2pnet Special:- An unusual, extremely expensive, international online club is starting to form.

"Its first member was Patricia Santangelo, a single New York mother of five.

Next came Dawnell Leadbetter, another single mother, this time from the Seattle area. If you’re a regular p2pnet reader, you’ll recognize both of the above names.

"The third member was someone you haven't met before: Tanya Andersen (right), a single mother who's living in Oregon and who's seriously disabled with a painful medical condition. She and her eight-year-old daughter get by on social security payments.

"By now, you'll have probably guessed the club members are all women being brutally victimized by EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony BMG, the huge, multi-billion-dollar record label cartel that's using its immense financial and political weight and deep, dark connections to law enforcement agencies in a bizarre marketing scheme.

"Instead of wooing customers, it's suing them and so far, it's clocked up close to 14,000 people.

"But the significance of the three women isn't that they're among the unfortunate victims.

"Rather, they stand out because they're standing up, defying the Mafia-like labels and their teams of hired legal thugs who work through 'Settlement Centers' which aim to terrorize people into paying 'fees' which usually start out at $7,500 to be 'negotiated' down to around $3,500."

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