Friday, September 30, 2005

p2pnet Reports that 757 More Music File Sharing Suits Are Filed

It was reported by online publisher p2pnet that the RIAA has brought 757 new suits against people whose IP addresses have been associated with peer to peer music filesharing networks:

757 new RIAA victims

p2p news / p2pnet:- The Warner Music Group (US), EMI (Britain), Universal Music (France) and Sony BMG (Japan, Germany) record label cartel has sued another 757 American men, women and children under its bitter and entirely fruitless sue ‘em all product sales project.
This brings the total number of people singled out to 14,800. However, of these, only about 3,400 people have actually done a deal with one of the entertainment cartel blackmail centres set up to act as shills.
Among the new victims is a Princeton student, says The Daily Princetonian pointing out that 30 of the university's students have now been subpoenaed by the RIAA.
Columbia, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley, were among 17 other universities which also received subpoenas.

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