Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Greeting

The New Year has begun, and unfortunately the RIAA's war against ordinary citizens is still here. No amnesties, no pardons, no compromise, no compassion, no reason.

While I fully understand that there needs to be some litigation between the content community and the technology community, in order to define the perimeters of copyright law in the digital age, I really wish the RIAA would pick on defendants its own size, and stop making war on the defenseless.

And if that doesn't happen, I hope the federal judiciary will wake up to the massive fraud that is being perpetrated on the courts, and shut it down.

To all those who are fighting the RIAA I wish you good luck.

To all those helping them, my heartfelt thanks.

And to the RIAA and its lawyers, my wish is: I hope that you can find honest work in the New Year.


* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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eclectica said...

For the RIAA and its supporters, I wish ill upon them for the year 2007 and beyond.

CodeWarrior said...

I forget, who represents the RIAA?

Is it Dewey , Cheatham , & Howe
Billum,Fore,Ali,Khan, & Moore
Shyster,Shyster,Shyster,& Schnuck ?

fatbear said...

Ray - I read this as an informed civilian. (Yes, I worked in content, but not with the music folk.) If I wanted to help, how would I? Support the EFF? Is there some other defense fund for those the RIAA deems suitable for suit?

It would be great if you could do a short blog entry on how we out here can actually help....

raybeckerman said...

Dear fatbear,

Thanks for asking.

The best way to help financially is to make a contribution to the legal defense fund set up by Defective by Design to assist the RIAA's victims here.

fatbear said...

Thanks - looked at fsf site - don't understand the techie stuff, but their heart is in the right place - will support the RIAA fund, but the rest needs a study before I join

raybeckerman said...

I was just referring to their RIAA defense fund, which is for these lawsuits.

raybeckerman said...

Thanks, kyle. Much appreciated.