Thursday, January 04, 2007

Voluntary Dismissals in Michigan and in Washington

The RIAA has recently voluntarily dismissed claims in Michigan and in Washington.

In the Michigan case, Warner v. Pidgeon, the RIAA discontinued the entire case so that it could pursue a new case against the defendant's ex-husband. The discontinuance was "with prejudice". Ms. Pidgeon was represented by John Hermann of Berkley, Michigan.

In the Washington case, Interscope v. Leadbetter, the RIAA sought to discontinue its claim against defendant, but amend the complaint to add a claim against the defendant's fiance. The Court, however, denied the amendment, so that the RIAA would have to bring a new action against the fiance. The Court indicated that an award of attorneys fees and costs was possible, and left the question open. Ms. Leadbetter is represented by Lory Lybeck of Seattle, Washington.

Warner v. Pidgeon, Stipulation of Dismissal*

Interscope v. Leadbetter, Order & Decision Partially Granting Dismissal and Denying Amendment*

* Document published online at Internet Law & Regulation

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